So many delicous choices, where do we start?

This snack gift party bundle care package was even better than I expected.
There are so many yummy things to snack on the kids didn’t know where to start.
My daughter claimed the big pack of oreo cookies and my son snatched up the Grandmas Chocolate chip cookie.
They loved it!

I really like the variety of products in this, there is something for if we have a sweet tooth , or are in the mood for something salty.
Every pack we opened was fresh and crisp.

The kids favorite ended up being the Laffy taffy.
(I didn’t know they still made that! Of course, I had to get in on that, lol. It was soft and chewy and delicious like I remembered. Yum!)

I did end up getting a short video to show you (most of) what we received in the box. (please ignore the grease spots in the box) My little stinkers raided some chips and I am not sure what else before I could take the video and dropped chip crumbs in the box overnight. lol 🙂

This would be great to send to the grandkids or a college student as a care package. I have family overseas that always say they miss the stuff from here, this would be a great idea to send to them!

Definitely, a product I can recommend to others.

You can find this on Amazon here —->



I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. When I make a purchase, I rely on honest reviews to help me decide whether a product is right for me. You can count on me to provide you with honest information.

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