Haier Brew Automatic Coffee Makers 4 Cup with Grinder –


Haier Brew Automatic Coffee Makers 4 Cup with Grinder –

I admit I am addicted to coffee.
A cup of the gas station or fast food coffee just doesn’t do it for me.

This Haier coffee maker is small enough I can put it pretty much anywhere.
It looks like a cube and has some features that I really am loving.

This can brew any type of coffee. Regular ground, coffee beans even espresso comes out great with this.
The best part is no coffee filters.

It is very easy to use. Just use the coffee carafe to add your water to the reservoir.
Next, add your coffee. This is done by squeezing the tabs on the top and removing the door. I
I personally use about 1/4 C. of coffee beans when I am using the full 4 cups of water.
When you replace the top door a beep lets you know it is secure.

Next choose your choice of coffee grind by moving the dial to 1 or 2. (for American type coffee, I choose #1 )

Press start and you will see a blue light shine down over your coffee carafe indicating the grinding process has started.
It was a bit louder than I had expected but no louder than my regular hand held coffee bean grinder.
Less than a minute passed The blue light changed to Red and the sound of coffee brewing could be heard.

The whole process took about 5 minutes.
The quality of coffee was great. I am still tweaking my amount of beans I am using but I honestly loved it.

This made a 20 oz mug of coffee and had some left over.

One thing I loved was that this input power is: 110V, 220 – 240V . This means you can take this while traveling ! Yay!!

Clean up for this was super simple and was accomplished by just lifting the plastic drawer out of the top of the grinder area.
After having this for over a month I can honestly say that I do not have any complaints about this coffee maker. It is still working just as great as when it first arrived.

This would be great for small places like dorms, an office cubicle, a small kitchen or just somewhere you don’t want to use a lot of space.
This is something I can recommend to others.

You can find it on Amazon here  —-> Haier brew automatic coffee maker
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