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I really was excited to get this after seeing some similar online.
I drive a lot and although I have a built in gps in my car it just does not have access to all of the newer areas.
To get where I need to go I have to punch it in my phone.
I will admit that I have been known to drive one handed with GPS on phone in the other hand. (I know that’s not the best idea )

I need a better solution.
The idea with this head up display is that I can set my phone on the base of this and it will reflect the screen up on its plastic screen that is in front of my windshield.
They even say that most GPS now a days have a reverse option that can be clicked to reverse the screen so things wont be displayed backwards.

This comes with the display and a screen that needs to be secured to the top visual screen.
It is very easy to attach and almost like a plastic phone screen cover.

I did try to use this on our 45 minute drive to town a couple of days and just could not get it working how I need.
The first thing I noticed is that when you sit the phone on the base, it does slip a bit.
A rubber mat was included but I assumed it was for underneath the whole display to keep it from sliding on the dashboard.
I think a second mat was needed possibly.

As far as the display:
In the photos I have seen, this is at a 90degree position and you can see the screen easily.
That did not work for me.
I had to angle this down maybe like 45degrees to even get any visual.

So if I wanted to see well I could either:
Prop it up from the bottom
Prop my phone up a bit
or bend my head down and try to peer to see the rest of the screen. (about half was easily visible)

For the visible part it was very clear and gave a bright display.
I would have loved for this to work for me.
I read and re-read the instructions in hope of getting this to work. But is was no use.

(My Note 3 did not have the option to reverse the GPS image, nor did my Note edge )

If anyone else has had any better luck I am up for suggestions 🙂

If you would like to purchase this product, you can find it on Amazon —–> Here
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