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This is the best Solar flashlight i have seen!


I must say i am surprised with how much i love this flashlight! It really is great. What could i ask for more in a flashlight. It is rechargeable, and ready right out of the box. It is much more sturdy than it looks in the picture. I love how the light is so bright and you can choose for the regular flash light or bottom camping light to show, heck you can even light up just half of the bottom to save power. And the best of all it has a solar panel on the bottom so you can just leave it in a windowsill to be fully charged and ready for when ever you need it. If you need night time charging you can use the included charging cable. You will absolutely adore this flashlight.

Honestly i can say this flashlight is my favorite!

If you need something for camping, or just for when the power cuts like i do, then you are going to be in love with this solar rechargeable flashlight.  It really is so bright!

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I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. However I don’t just give glowing reviews to a product just because i received it free or a discount.

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Keurig I love you !


OK you are going to absolutely positively love this Keurig.! This is the second one i have purchased. I bought one for my son as a wedding gift, and since then i keep thinking about getting one. Well today it came. Oh my gosh were we excited! Hubby even started telling me about how easy it will be for him to get a cup of coffee in the morning. lol I pulled it out of the box… plugged it in , gave the water reservoir a rinse filled it up and i was ready to brew! I love that it comes with the converter cup. We brewed hubby a cup of store bought ground coffee in it and he loved it. He takes his strong so the strong brew button made it just like he liked. I chose the chai latte. Oh i am in heaven! Keurig…can i say i love you ? Great product, and affordable prices.

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I am in love with reviewing products !


This is some of the things i received in one week only.   I received them for free or at a highly discounted rate just for giving them an honest review.

How easy is that?!  Easy Peasy 🙂

I will be sharing tips on how to get started Reviewing Products 🙂

Welcome to my Blog.

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