An easier way to fold your clothes!! You need one of these.

This is amazing how easy it works!

I have been wanting one of these for a while.

I admit, I am a lazy woman šŸ™‚
Looking for easy ways for anything I can find to cut the work load down.
The idea of being able to put a shirt on this and flip a couple of pieces of plastic over, and ((BOOM)) folded, really appeals to me.
Not only that but my eight year old twins LOVE this! They have been fighting over who is going to fold the shirts. lol
What more can I ask for?

This came longer than I expected.
It did include a large, double-sided, color diagram with instructions on how to fold various types of clothing.

To use this you open it up , facing the closed end away from you , and the flaps downward.
Lay your shirt on this (face side down) flip one side over, then the next and finally flip the bottom flap up. DONE!

It really is that easy.

We used this on t-shirt’s, dress shirts and even a couple of my daughters’ dresses.
It did a great job for them all.

This laundry folder is light weight , folds compactly to easily hide away when not in use, and is very practical.
It really did get the job done faster.

You can find it on Amazon —> HereĀ 

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