A beautiful Tankini Top


Charmleaks Womens plus size tankini top-
This is my first time buying a tankini top.
I really love this!

I know that this is supposed to be for swimming but this would be great for sports or just with a pair of shorts anytime.

This top is in a bright bold design that really catches your eye.
It has colors of purple, pink, blue, white and more.

The best thing about this top is the material. It is very soft and silky.
This has a lot of give to it. You can stretch this a lot without worry of tearing it.

This could easily fit a shorter or taller person with the adjustable straps it is easy to get a good fit.

I got this in the smallest size hoping it would fit my 8 year old daughter who is big for her age. (She is more like a 12 yr size)
I was expecting to have to do some altering on this for her but we were able to adjust it so she can use it the way it is.

There is a bit of a bra in it and although it gives her some room to grow it is not obviously too big.
I think this would fit a woman with a medium sized chest , if you are larger than average a small might be a bit tight in the bust.

This is a very good quality tankini top and even when I inspected closely I could not find any stray strings or mistakes.

You can find it on Amazon —–> here

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