Magic Beadz – Jelly Water Beads


Magic Beadz – Jelly Water Beads Grow Many Times Original Size – Fun for All Ages – Over 20,000 Beads

This is my first time trying these Magic Beadz.

When I saw the small container I was a little disappointed and didn’t think we would get much product out of this. But boy was I wrong!

My husband recently spent some time in the hospital and seven-year-old twins and I stayed overnight with him a few days.

I was thrilled that this came in time I could bring this with us to the hospital for the kids to play and give them something to do.

We grabbed a regular Styrofoam coffee cup and shook about a tablespoons worth of these into some water .

I am really thrilled with how quick these work, even I got excited!

After 10 minutes they were already plumping up, and another 20 minutes they were triple they are size if not larger, and no longer having any water left we had to add more and switch them to something bigger.

We were able to get a plastic tub from one of the nurses to continue our experiment.

And after 45 minutes the kids could not contain their excitement any more and insisted on playing with these.

The feel of these is really amazing kind of silky and cool, but even better!

I couldn’t help from wanting to squeeze them through my fingers and play with them with the kids. LOL

They don’t squish but slip and slide right through your fingers. I think this might be therapeutic.

My kids had so much fun playing with these, they even took to getting little plastic cups and sorting all the different colorful balls.

They definitely added a smile to my children’s face that day, and trying to sad day into something fun.

We had a couple of nurses asking about what the kids were playing with and when I showed them the small container of the tiny balls they couldn’t believe that a tablespoon of those teensy tiny little balls could create all of what they saw in the tub.

I ended up sharing a little bit with both of them to take home for their children. I bet they’re going to be purchasing some after they give it a try.

I really adore these and think they are fun not just for children but adults too!

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own after personally trying these Magic Beadz.


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3 thoughts on “Magic Beadz – Jelly Water Beads”

  1. I do reviews too and would love to hear about the companies you work with for products. I am happy to share some of mine with you. Contact me.

  2. Those beads look like a ton of fun. Kudos to you for finding a fun distraction for your kiddos during a difficult time. 😀

    1. Thanks. They love the Magic Beadzs. We used them in a plastic tub and when they were done I let them sit it in the garage to see what would happen, how long they last, would they shrivel up, get slimy etc.
      I was shocked that besides the water getting a bit cloudy after 10 days or so, it has stayed the same. We just drain, give a quick rinse, and they are as good as new. No smell either!
      It’s surprising that little container is still with us and not finished yet.

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