Mind blowing huge growing water beads! Oh ya!

Kuuqa 220 Pcs Water Beads Water Growing Balls


These are so fun to play with!
I got these for my 9 yr old twins.
They were so excited.
I think the hardest thing about something like this is the waiting.
My kids were giving me updates like every 30 minutes. lol
They were constantly standing over them lifting them in their hands and letting them slip back into the water.
We loved the feel.
These took less than 48 hours to get their biggest and was larger than a golf ball.
I would recommend being careful if you have longer nails so you don’t knick these as they could break when expanding.
We have no complaints about these. Definitely, would recommend.

By the way, these work great in vases. I have used smaller beads for over a year now with some artificial flowers. (I add water as needed and every few months I rinse them off so they stay clean.)

You can find them here —->  Water Beads

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